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Superfoods To Boost Your Libido

by Jocelyn You

Sex. It’s a natural part of life, and it’s also just fun to have. So what would you do if you knew that there are superfoods you can eat to help make your sex life even better? That’s right. More than giving your body superfood boosts in nutrition, it can also kick up your libido.

Maca powder

Maca powder is the holy grail of superfoods when it comes to enhancing your libido. The Peruvian herb has been hailed for its healing qualities for over 2,000 years, and creating a higher sex drive is one of them. While it’s not completely proven that maca powder alone is the reason why people experience higher sex drives (you gotta take into account the psychological and social aspects of sex, as well), it aids in the process of healing low libido, improving fertility in men, and tends to have positive effects, especially on women, with dysfunctional sex drives.

I first learned this when I asked to put it in my matcha latte, and the barista said, “Have a date tonight?” Confused, I shook my head and took my drink, but after a quick Google search, I realized he was right. Let’s just say I’m definitely planning on drinking some before my next Tinder hookup.


If you’ve ever heard of eating on an Ayurvedic diet (eating in tune with life forces), you might’ve heard that consuming ashwagandha is vital to boosting your sexual life. This practice is most commonly used in India and Africa, but it seems like the West is starting to catch onto ashwagandha’s magical healing properties. And besides, anything that has to do with the bedroom is obviously interesting to us. 

Ladies, ashwagandha will help increase your sexual desire and help you get what you want and need out of sex as it increases stimulation. Fellas, extracted ashwagandha can produce more nitric oxide in your body, giving your blood vessels the boost it needs to travel to your genitals and help you get it on. 

The plant is often grounde up into a fine powder, making it easy to throw into smoothies, lattes, or even oatmeal. On top of aiding your libido, ashwagandha is good for keratin growth, so you should definitely consume some before your next date for luscious hair and hot sex.

Goji berries

Not only do these babies taste like candy, but they’re literally known as “happy berries” in China because they’re so good at being an aphrodisiac. Its reputation goes as far back as an ancient Chinese proverb that reads, “He who travels one thousand kilometers from their home should not eat goji,” because it would cause him to leave his wife and sleep with other women.

Goji berries are considered a gateway to the fountain of youth and contain high amounts of betacarotene, the precursor of Vitamin A, which is great for anti-aging. And besides, the berries just taste good and help people have amazing sex. It’s a win-win. Throw them on top of your next acai bowl or eat them by the handful.


Raw cacao, a.k.a. chocolate in its purest form, is not the cheap-o Valentine’s Day chocolate you get in those heart-shaped boxes. If you really want to improve your sex life, you should invest in getting some raw cacao powder to throw into your smoothies, oatmeal, or baked goods. It optimizes your hormones and helps to get your blood vessels pumping. And on top of helping out your libido, cacao has the highest source of magnesium and antioxidant flavonoids out of any food. Pretty impressive, right?

Luckily, it’s not too hard to find cacao outside of the grocery store or in your pantry. Tons of coffee shops are making health drinks with cacao and other superfood ingredients, so it’s worth a shot to try it. $6 for a good time and added health benefits? Why not? 


Ginseng is in so many popular energy drinks, but who would’ve known that the ginseng could boost your libido? The root has been known to especially improve sex drives for women going through menopause and can help men with erectile dysfunctions. Rather than taking over-the-counter meds, you might as well try out these all-natural remedies that been used for years. 

You can put ginseng in your drinks or take them as capsules. I recommend mixing it into some tea daily as it also serves as a powerful antioxidant which can help your brain function and boost the immune system. 

Feature Image via Vanessa Granda

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