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Sustainable, Female-Owned Brands to Support this Holiday Season

by Reza Moreno

‘Tis the season of holiday shopping, everyone’s not so favorite time of the year. But thankfully, online shopping has made it a lot easier for us because let’s face it nothing is better than shopping in the comfort of our own home while we put on a face mask. But from buying gifts to wrapping, holiday shopping is also one of the most wasteful times of the year.

More than two-thirds of Americans will likely shop online this season, and last year shippers delivered 87 billion parcels according to shipping services firm Pitney Bowes. So instead of being naughty to our planet this year, be sure to check out these female-owned, sustainable brands that will not only help minimize your packaging waste, but also help you and your loved one to be a little more eco-conscious this season. 


Founded by two friends since college, Madeline and Amy shared mutual interests in wanting to start a business and save the planet. Located in Brooklyn, this online marketplace is for bold babes on a mission with an inside look of all their favorite sustainable brands. For the holidays, SENSE of SHELF curated the perfect sustainable gift guide. From vegan, soy wax candles to hair clips made out of plant-derived materials rather than plastic. With a large variety to choose from, you can find a gift for all your gal pals here. 


The power of superfoods awaits – from turmeric tonic blends to face masks, this gift is perfect for the health conscious person in your life. Co-founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford with her partner Issey Kobori, it was their goal to bring good vibes to the wellness industry. All their products are made with natural ingredients and are guaranteed to leave your skin glowing and your body happy. You can buy the Matcha Golde Tonic Blend at or view the full selection at


Meet your new bff, Lunette. For those looking to make the big switch, a menstrual cup is the perfect gift that will be long lasting. Not only are you helping someone save $$ when it’s that time of the month, but helping the planet as well. The menstrual cup is known to be healthier for you as it collects fluids rather than absorbing them, which helps keep your interior naturally lubricated. For only $48.99, you can buy The Power Within starter kit, which comes with the cup, cleanser and wipes. No more making last minute trips to your local bodega with this bad boy.


Everyone loves a good face mask. Thanks to Circumference you don’t have to wait to get your self-care Sunday on. All products are made from sustainably sourced natural ingredients with no extra toxins.  After all the holiday food coming your way, there is no need to hide. This Green Clay Detox mask will surely leave your skin cleared and detoxed, while keeping your moisture and hydration restored. You can buy Circumference’s Green Clay Detox Mask at, along with other product offerings from the brand. 


This nude lingerie brand based in Los Angeles was founded on the principles that fashion should represent all women. From their body positivity message to their eco-friendly materials, the founder Shobha Philips covers it all. Their latest collection is made from TENCEL, which are produced from wool pump from sustainable managed sources, but most important is incredibly soft. Because of the plastic waste epidemic, it’s  Proclaim’s mission to to reduce waste in choosing fabric that is closed-loop and has a transparent supply chain.


This reusable, collapsible straw is the perfect stocking stuffer. Unlike other straws, this one is small enough to put in your pocket or on your keychain. So whether you are grabbing an iced coffee or smoothie to-go, never forget your own stainless steel straw again. Millions of plastic straws are used and thrown out, leaving our planet in despair. But with this quick alternative switch you will be making a very conscious choice each time. Each straw collapses into its own case and comes with a straw cleaner. 

Feature Image via Stocksy

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