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The Best Ingredients and Remedies to Help with Acne Scars

by Reza Moreno

We all have that moment where we get super annoyed with our pimples. They form out of nowhere, spread to different areas of your face, and they can be incredibly hard to get rid of. Whether our pimply friends make an appearance because of stress or our genes, we all know how uneasy acne can make us feel, emotionally and physically. The worst part is, after you do all that you can to make them disappear, your left with scars that can make you feel overly conscious about your looks. 

So in honor of Acne Awareness Month, we found the best ingredients—both natural and chemical—that you can use to get rid of those pesky suckers.

Let Nature Do Its Thang

Lemon: We love lemon in our water and in our teas, but what about on our faces? Pure lemon juice carries vitamin C, which promotes collagen synthesis and regenerates your skin. Apply to your skin for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water. For better results, mix it with aloe vera for a quick-and-easy facemask. 

Grapeseed oil: Who knew grapeseed oil can be a great food to add to your nighttime regime to get rid of your acne scars? This oil is an all-purpose skin cleaner, it helps clean out the pores and speeds up healing.

Cucumber: Think cucumber eye mask with this remedy, except this time, you can apply it all over your face (not just your eyes). The water and vitamins that the cucumbers are made out of help reduce swelling and, of course, heal scars. They are loaded with vitamin C so they promote cell growth and repair your skin, prevent acne breakouts, but overall, improve skin appearances.  

Turmeric: Turmeric is rich in antibacterial and antiseptic properties, so it destroys pathogens and prevents skin infections when consumed. On top of this, there are three DIY ways to make a topical treatment for your skin. You can mix the powder with either honey, mint juice, lemon juice or sandalwood powder for different effects. For the best and quickest results, try the turmeric with honey. It has an antioxidant property and contains many essential nutrients that repair the damaged skin.

 Chemically Chill

When natural ingredients can only do so much, sometimes, we have to let a few powerful ingredients do the work.

Retinoids: Retinoids are perfect for anything regarding wrinkles, acne, and even discolored skin. Some people may feel that this skin-care product is too strong, but doctors actually swear by retinoids because they can be used by everyone, even people with sensitive skin. It is perfect for getting rid of dark spots around affected areas. If you’re in the market to add a retinol to your beauty routine, the Verso: Dark Spot Fix is a perfect place to start thanks to its concentration of Retinol 8, which is stabilized vitamin A complex that will stimulate collagen growth and make your skin look fresh and new.

Photo Cred: Verso

Glycolic Acid: You can find this acid inside sugarcanes, unripe grapes, pineapples and various melons, so no wonder glycolic acid is great for acne, it’s from the Earth after all. This very strong acid is able to remove dead skin cells, stimulate collagen and is a wonderful exfoliator. Try the Peter Thomas Roth Clearing Gel, not only does it minimize acne marks, but it helps with anti-aging.

Chemical Peels: Chemical exfoliates like the Enzyme peel with AHA and PHA, which are basically strong acids that really help with all types of acne solutions. They can get a little deeper into the pores and attract all that gunk you don’t need. The BHA which is a salicylic acid that is derived from willow tree bark, wintergreen oil or sweet birch. Because of this, it is able to penetrate the oils into the skin and clear out follicles of excess debris and skin cells. If you want an overnight peel, try Kiehl’s Biological Peel to sleep in and let it do its magic. 

If you are someone who deals with acne and have suggestions on how to get rid of scars, DM us @thechilltimes.

Feature image via Madison Terry 

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