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Top Notch Vaginal Care Products

by Nalima Touré

Self-care and self-love are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With an abundant assortment of cleansers, natural masks, jade rollers, oils, adaptogens, etc. it can get pretty overwhelming creating a self-care routine that ticks all the boxes to give you that well-rested-radiant-and-refreshed-what-is-her secret-glow. At The Chills Times, our focus is – well you guessed it – to keep things v chill. That being said, we believe self-care and self-love are synonymous and what better way to self-love than placing some love and attention on your most intimate area. Think about it, we’re fixated on the products we use to wash our face, hair and body but have you taken a moment to think about what you can do to keep your vagina happy and healthy? With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some products to ensure that you’re taken care of from head-to-toe and everywhere in between 😉

Step 1 in DeoDoc’s revolutionary 3-step shaving series is the Pre-Shave Intimate Oil, which softens skin and hair before shaving and leaves a protective barrier against the razor. The oil reduces irritation and gives a gentle shave. 

Fun name for a totally practical product. Booshies are flushable, biodegradable, geranium and sandalwood scented, and the easiest way to freshen up before or after sex. They are also perfect for cleaning toys after use. .

Holy Yoni is an adaptogenic blend of Schisandra Berry Extract, Bulgarian Rose Oil, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil. Schisandra Berry Extract helps to improve skin elasticity while providing antioxidant protection. Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil has an arousing scent and soothes skin, Vitamin E hydrates skin and is rich in antioxidants, while Sweet Almond Oil helps keep skin soft and supple.

What else could you ask for? Shine. is an organic personal lubricant made with aloe to moisturize and hydrate. The formula is pH-balanced and free of glycerin and parabens for the most comfortable, intimate experience, and is safe to use with toys and condoms.

This soft, velvety beauty serum is meantto enhance the V by smoothing fine wrinkles with temporary firming action. Elderflower Extract and Bilberry help to brighten the skin while Sea Buckthorn soothes and Vitamin E conditions delicate skin. To top it off, organic Licorice Root Extract has anti-inflammatory properties to keep everything looking calm. The serum melts into skin, dries down quickly, and is soft to touch.

She’s sleek, powerful, and comes in an easy to tote case that makes traveling a breeze. Vibe is a vibrator made with soft-touch silicone and features 3 three speeds to customize your pleasure. The texture of this silicone is like velvet for maximum comfort, and is chargeable via USB for a 2.5 hour runtime. 

The Gel is a water-based personal lubricant treatment with Organic Aloe Vera, Distilled Deionized Water, and Hyaluronic Acid. Apply to intimate areas for moisture, glide, and comfort with no fragrance added for no extra irritation.

Say goodbye to the condom wrappers of the past and say hello to Rise. These are ultra-thin, 100% natural latex condoms, packaged in an easy to open “buttercup” container, which eliminates the need to rip and tear and the question of which way is up. 

  • Bath Tonic for Vaginal Wellness

    Bath Tonic for Vaginal Wellness by Momotaro
    Need This Now| $44

Made with a thoughtful blend of essential oils like Cedar Wood and Oregon Grape, this Bath Tonic will help you relax and rejuvenate while relieving symptoms associated with yeast and bacterial infections, as well as general irritation from sex, clothing, or exercise. Organic anti-fungals such as Goldenseal and Tea Tree combat Candida, while anti-bacterial Jojoba Oil, Cedar Wood oil, Oregon Grape, and Echinacea sooth and maintain a balanced environment.

Feature image Vanessa Granda 

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