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The Pink Tax is Sucking Our Wallets Dry — and We’re Not for It

by Raven Ishak

Have you ever looked at your bank account and wonder where all your money has gone after a beauty-wellness shopping spree? You know what I’m talking about, it’s that last-minute one-stop shop you do to replenish everything you need in your bathroom (i.e. razors, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, etc — you get it). However, when you check your bank account, you notice that the amount you spent was just a little higher than you were expecting. Unfortunately, this isn’t your eyes playing tricks on you — every woman experiences this.

Companies across the country choose to charge more money for products and services that are marketed toward women simply because they’ll pay more. It’s called the “pink tax.” It’s the extra money that’s freely added to female-marketed products for no reason at all — seriously, zero, zilch, nada. For instance, the average woman pays an extra 7 percent in price, which adds up to $1,351, every year just for purchasing things that she needs. This amount can accumulate to over $40,530 by the time you’re 30. Think about that. This is insane because not only are women still getting paid .80 cents to a man’s dollar, but then, we’re expected to pay more for everyday goods by simply being a born a specific gender.

So to help bring awareness of the “pink tax,” we’ve connected with European Wax Center (EWC). Join us, and together we can #AxThePinkTax!

Raise a Pink Brow Against The Pink Tax

European Wax Center is raising a brow against the pink tax to spread the word and help level the playing field. We know you’re bold, so stop by one of their locations for complimentary pink brows, or create your own DIY pink brows at home with makeup. Check out the above video for inspiration!

Support Brands Who Are Making a Difference

While most companies still partake in the pink tax, there are a few brands that are bringing awareness to the issue. For instance, Billie and Boxed revolve their whole company’s ethos around it. They choose to not charge more for women products just because they’re marketed towards them and instead, reduce their prices to support the cause.

Share on Your Socials

An easy and effective way to make a difference and bring awareness to the pink tax issue is by simply posting about it on social media and starting conversations with people about it. European Wax Center has done all the work for you by creating these share-worthy graphics. Repost these beauties on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and write a small little paragraph about what you would do with $1,351 dollars. Or, if you have Snapchat, feel free to snap this code to get your own pair of animated pink brows to show to your friends.

Support Female Charities

If you want to help the future of women, join European Wax Center by donating your time to female-focused charities and giving love to businesses that support women. EWC is leading the way by helping women-focused charities that provide support, skills, and confidence to women through leadership, entrepreneurial workshops, and education.

By giving support, you’re able to be a part of the movement to help women succeed. For instance, EWC is in partnership with Girls in Tech (GIT), which is a global non-profit that’s focused on empowering innovative women who are passionate about entering the high-tech industry and startup world. As a key sponsor, EWC is going to support three of GIT’s trademark programs — Startup Breakthroughs, CODE GIT, and AMPLIFY — which are all there to help develop women’s skills to successfully launch their own startup business or thrive in a technology corporate world.

This post was sponsored by  European Wax Center

Feature image via Madison Terry

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