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What the F*ck Are Ear Seeds?

by Hannah Smith

Acupuncture is nothing new by any means, but it is gaining popularity in Western culture today. Along with acupuncture, ear seeds are also gaining popularity – but what is an ear seed? No, you don’t plant anything in your ear and watch it bloom, but it is an extension of acupuncture that can be used for a longer period of time. To get the low down, we spoke with Dr. Shari Auth, co-founder of WTHN, all about the benefits of ear seeds. If you like what you hear, try out the Ear Seed Kit from WTHN here.

What is the origin of the ear seed?

“Ear seeds are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that dates back thousands of years. In TCM, the ear is a microsystem of the whole body with dozens of pressure points ready to transform body and  mind. These points have healing properties such as calming the mind, boosting immunity, reducing pain, and more. Originally ear seeds used in TCM were the actual seeds from the Vaccaria plant (native to Eurasia and also known commonly as the prairie carnation), and today both plant-based Vaccaria seeds and metal beads are used for the same effect. 

Ear seeds work by putting light pressure on specific acupressure points on the ear to stimulate that point, and modern clinical research has shown the effect these points have on neurological pathways. Some of the potential benefits of ear seeds include: Reducing pain, balancing hormones, calming the mind, boosting digestion, supporting immunity, detox, or focus.”

What is the relationship between the ear seed and acupuncture?

“Ear seeds and auricular (ear) acupuncture are both parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and they both use the same system of acupuncture or acupressure points. Ear acupuncture uses the insertion of hairthin needles into the point and usually left on around 30 minutes. Ear seeds are tiny metal beads on an adhesive sticker that are placed on top the skin (non-invasive). Ear seeds can be left on for 3-5 days and applied/removed easily with the exclusive gold WTHN tweezers included in the WTHN ear seed kit. Ear seeds are an easy and needle-free way to empower your health daily.”

Are results best when getting ear seeds post acupuncture treatment, or are they effective on their own?

“Ear seeds are a great compliment to an acupuncture treatment because they help extend the results and offer continued healing at-home, but they can also be used on their own when you’re too busy to get in to the studio for an acupuncture treatment or are travelling.  While wearing ear seeds You can apply light pressure to active the effects of the seed for an extra boost.”

How many points in the ear can the seed be placed?

“There are dozens of acu points in the ear, so it’s best to determine your key health objectives and strategically place the seed where it can help you the most. You can also use multiple ear seeds at once. For example, you can use a seed to balance hormones and calm the mind – the two points will work together to produce a greater result.”

What can someone expect after getting an ear seed?

“Depending on where the ear seed has been placed, you may feel calmer, in less pain or an increased sex drive. Ear seeds have been shown to have immediate results in some people and for others with more difficult conditions it may take a few weeks and work best in combination with acupuncture and herbs. See our how to kit for supercharge combos.”

Why a time limit to having them on? Are there any side effects to be worried about?

We recommend removing within 3-5 days so as not to irritate the skin or desensitize the point. They may fall off before 5 days, but surprisingly they can be quite resilient, even with regular activities like showering, sleeping and working out. 

Feature Image via Healthline

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