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What the F*ck is a Chakra Reading?

by Maggie Suszka

Chakra reading is nothing new, but it is definitely having a resurgence of popularity. What exactly is it? We tried it to find out.

Before my reading, April Pfender prefaced it by saying I will have the opportunity to see metaphysically what is going on. April is an advanced akashic records practitioner, meditation instructor, author, yogi, and soundbath facilitator and describes chakra as “An energy center that allows energy sort of in and out of the body. You have your subtle body which is surrounding you; it’s like your bio-magnetic sphere and then you have your chakras, which are like little doors between your physical body and your biosphere.”April explained that while our energy might extend out there past the door in a room we enter, our chakras are close to us – and they let energy in or out.

There is a lot of value in people having their chakras, or energy, read – especially if they are the energy centers giving us clues to what really is up on the inside.

It allows people to ultimately re-focus, re-align, or become more connected to what might be “off” or making them not feel completely themselves – whether that might be physically, emotionally or mentally. April said it gives you a deeper truth of your being.

The way April works is by giving an intuitive reading and letting people know where they are holding energy and blockages. I’d like to preface my reading with a few things that anyone who is familiar with chakra or astrology will know; Mercury Retrograde was ON for the first time in 2019. Also, there was a new moon moving into Pisces. And last but not least, I attended Aprils’ Sacred Soundbath session prior to my reading, which may have aligned or shifted my energy, since sacred soundbaths are meant to help “clear discordant energy.” April still met and spoke with me immediately after the serene session to read my chakra.

My reading was as uncomfortable as it was powerful. It was difficult to disregard my foundation of beliefs that we’re not as open to the mystical back in the day, and the other portion of myself that did not necessarily want to hear or identify my energy “pain points”.

April began my reading by taking her pendulum from around her neck. Pendulums work as “energy detectors”. We stood perched under a concrete wing, hiding from the warm storm.  

She took her left hand and placed it inches away from the crown of my forehead – our crown, the seventh chakra or Sahasrara in Sanskrit. The crown chakra is the center of spirituality and enlightenment. April said my crown space is incredibly open and strong, I have many angel guides and people who are looking out for me.

“Balanced energy in this chakra results in mental clarity and a feeling of spiritual connection. When this chakra is unbalanced you may feel frustration, listlessness, and destructive feelings. You may experience illnesses such as migraine headaches and depression. The crown chakra is associated with the brain and cerebral function.” (this excerpt is from Aprils book Chakra Balance: The Beginner’s Guide to Healing Body and Mind.

I was starting off strong.

Her left hand began to move slowly from the crown of my head towards directly in front of my eyes, wavering between them. Cue the thunder and lighting. My third eye, the sixth chakra or Ajna was also very strong and healthy. April said that I was incredibly intuitive. With the third eye open, the path in front of you is clear. You have little or no irrational fears.

Aprils book notes, “When the third eye chakra is out of balance, you may feel foggy or unclear, confused and unable to see a clear path for yourself. Physical symptoms include headaches, blurred vision and eye strains. The third eye chakra is associated with the pituitary and pineal glands, the eyes, nose, ears, and sinuses, and the lymphatic and endocrine systems.”

April’s hand moved over my throat. I saw her energy shift in front of me. Something was not right here…

My throat chakra, also known as the fifth chakra or Vishuddha is low. April began to explain I might be struggling to express myself creatively, or maybe having a difficult time speaking up at work. Our throat chakras are the center for communication, speech and writing. It was strange to reflect in this moment and realize how right she was. At work, I was struggling to strike the balance of speaking up when I should and to adapt with my new shift from a listening participant in  meetings to the promoted role of vocally leading them. Furthermore, I hadn’t been writing or expressing myself in that way for too long.

Aprils’ hand moved over my heart, “Your heart space is so strong and so powerful, I can feel it is a little lower than it should be right now though. You are trying to understand something,” she said. Her words chilled me a little. I didn’t want to think more about what I needed to understand within my own heart.

The heart chakra, or anahata is the center of love, acceptance, patience, forgiveness and compassion. It’s not only your love for others, but yourself. When your heart is balanced, you have an enhanced ability to see the good in everyone.

“When the heart chakra is out of balance, you may feel indecisive, disconnected, afraid of letting go and getting hurt, paranoid, or unworthy of love. You may have trouble accepting things as they are or be in denial or unable to forgive. Physical issues that may arise from an unbalanced heart chakra include insomnia, difficulty breathing, high blood pressure, or a heart attack. The fourth chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, upper back, thymus, breasts, skin, circulatory system, immune system, rib cage, shoulder blades and hands.   

The third chakra falls between your heart and your hips, in your upper abdomen. It’s the solar plexus and it was what April initially thought what might really be off with me after describing some of the stress I had very recently been experiencing. However, my solar plexus is strong, meaning that the place where we cultivate and store our sense of purpose was healthy. With a balanced solar plexus, brings cheerfulness and feelings of high self-esteem, a drive to take on new challenges, and a general strong sense of personal power.

“When your solar plexus chakra is out of balance, you may lack confidence, experience confusion, worry about what others think, feel drained, and experience depression. Physical problems associated with the third chakra include digestive difficulties, food allergies, liver problems, adrenal fatigue, nervous exhaustion, and diabetes.”

A wave of relief rolled over me, confirming my beliefs that I was out of the storm I so recently felt deeply drowning in.

The second chakra, our sacral chakra or svadhisthana is located in the pelvic area. It governs our self-worth, creativity, emotions and passions. It’s also females centers of birth – so in many ways it relates to your own birth of ideas – our creativity. April explained that this was out of balance for me, and that it was interesting my throat and sacral chakras were both out of balance because they are so connected to my creativity. She reiterated that I might be struggling to express myself creatively.

The sacral chakra is deeply connected to our emotions, feelings and sensations. Particularly, our sexual and sensual desires. It also helps with flexibility and adaptability. When balanced, the sacral chakra allows you to be passionate, creative and sensual while connecting with your feelings and emotions. When out of balance, you could be experiencing a lack of control ranging from uncertainty to an inability to cope with life changes. Both of which I recently experienced deeply. When out of balance, reactions or symptoms can include lack of creativity, detachment, insecurity, sexually-related guilt, timidity, emotional volatility, hypersensitivity, and trust issues. When your sacral is blocked, you become blocked creatively, emotionally and detached from those around you.

Last but not least, the first chakra, the root chakra or mladhara. It is located at the very base of our spines. The root chakra is what it sounds like – our roots, our basic needs including those for survival, security and safety. Mine was normal, I have a deep level of connection to myself and the world around me. For those that have a balanced root chakra, “You feel a deep-seated knowledge that you are safe. If this chakra is blocked, you may feel anxious, fearful, insecure or frustrated. Root chakra blockages often occur during transitions in the major areas of life – a change in your career, money, housing situation, health or primary relationship. The root chakra is associated with the spinal column, bones, colon, prostate, male sex organs, blood, legs, hips, tailbone, pelvis and lower back.”

I walked away feeling enlightened and excited to strengthen my energy points that were out of balance. And for a new appreciate for the art and understanding of our energies.  

Featured Image via Vanessa Granda

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