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What to Do When You’re Overwhelmed at Work

by Hannah Smith

Walking into the work week with a stacked to-do list is anything but chill, but sometimes it’s completely unavoidable. Try as we might, sometimes the stress can get to us, leaving us feeling like we might as well go home. Since going home in the middle of the workday is a clear negative, we’ve rounded up some of our best tips for what to do when you’re overwhelmed at work. Keep reading for some of our go-to relaxing rituals and give em a try next time you’re stressed – you’ll thank us later.

At the Desk

Prioritize and Visualize

When you’re unable to leave your desk, it can be hard to find ways to center yourself, but I promise there are a few. Begin by organizing your tasks – write them all out in a planner with times and dates you’d like everything completed by. Simply writing your tasks out allows you to prioritize and visualize, and then take on those tasks.

It’s All About Hydration

Keeping hydrated is the key to maintaining focus throughout the day. If you’re having a moment, try this little ritual: fill your water glass, take four deep breaths, take a few large gulps of water, and repeat until the glass is empty. By taking this moment away from work to create a more peaceful mindset and to hydrate, you’re re-energizing your body and brain to continue powering through the day.

Palo Santo and Chill

Of course, this is dependent on your office rules, but is a staple at the Chillhouse HQ. Burning Palo Santo, if only for a moment, clears negative energy, lifts brain fog, and can rejuvenate the soul in doing do. In addition, it’s been said to spur creativity, restore a sense of tranquility and calm to the mind, and is sometimes considered a form of aromatherapy that aids in relieving depression and anxiety – need we say more?

In the Bathroom

Escape to An Oasis

Okay, it might not be a real oasis, but the office bathroom is actually a great place to find solace from the work day simply because you are physically removed from the devices that tether you. This is a great time to take a moment away from your desk and focus on yourself in the simplest ways: wash your hands, splash some water on your face and neck, put on a fresh coat of hand lotion, and start fresh. If that’s not enough, repeat a positive mantra to yourself while looking in the mirror, reminding yourself that you are capable of getting through this day.


Self Care Stash

Pro tip: always keep a self care stash nearby. This can consist of essential oil rollers, a Gua Sha, a nail file, some light makeup to touch up, or anything that really centers you. Snag this on your way to the bathroom, and take time to go through the rituals that mean the most to you. For us at Chillhouse, a mini Gua Sha facial massage is a must have, followed by a quick comb touch up, and a fresh cheek tint, but like we said, it’s personal, so pamper yourself in whatever way suits you best.

Misting Moment

Facial mists are the unsung heroes of skincare, but they’re also a great form of self care on the go. Vastly hydrating and refreshing in nature, facial mists can often double as a form of aromatherapy. Keep a lightly scented mist in your desk or in your Self Care Stash to give yourself a moment of tranquility.


Away From Your Desk

Cute Cafes

Having a cute café to slip away to for a mid-day pick me up is always beneficial. We might be biased because Chillhouse is just around the corner and creates the picture perfect escape, but any café with light bites and chill vibes will suffice. You have two options: chill until you’re ready to go back to work, or bring your work with you! Sometimes, a simple change of scenery is all that’s needed to get new creative juices flowing. 

Mood Music

While you’re stepped away from your desk, switch up your music and listen to something purposefully upbeat and positive. It’s proven that listening to music has a positive influence on your mood, so chill out to some tunes with your beverage of choice in hand, and after a few songs, you’ll be set to return to work with your full attention.

All Images via Bridget Badore for The Chill Times and CB2

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